Hello Namibia!

Please gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Dope, Dope Innovations and we aspire to do exactly what our name suggests. We aim to come up with dope innovations that would make our customers lives easier – whether we get this right is a completely different question. 🙂  However, with your patience and indulgence we are sure we can achieve this or perhaps an alternative with the same outcome.

At the core, we are an e-commerce website. However, our goal and ambition is much more than that. Dope Innovations has being in the making for over 15 years, in which time a lot of products have been designed, examined, tested and will be rolled out to the market as and when ready. We are not the first e-commerce in Namibia or the first Namibian owned. It is very likely that our competitors are much much better than us in their area of expertise. With that said, we will mostly likely be second best, perhaps even third best in that specific area.

Conversely, we are the first to introduce a platform where our customers can access most, if not all, e-commerce services in Namibia in one place. Furthermore, we will continue to introduce new products and services that are not yet on the e-commerce platforms in Namibia. We currently offer Fast Foods (with daily specials), Liquor and Flowers at launch, with Supermarket (groceries) to be introduced within a month and our Pharmacy (Shop, Self-Medication and Prescriptions) to be introduced in month 2 or 3. There may be other surprise products or services launched in the interim.

In closing, WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU and making your life a tag bit easier!