Dope Pharmacy

Taking another huge step in making your life slightly more convenient. We are excited to introduce DOPE Pharmacy!! 

With DOPE Pharmacy you can:

  • Shop – Shop for various basic pharmaceutical products such as Grandpa, Panado, etc.
  • Self Medication – Inform our pharmacist of your symptoms with our online form. Take a picture of your ID as well as Medical Aid Card and upload it from your mobile device.
  • Prescriptions – Take a picture of your Doctor’s Prescription, ID as well as Medical Aid Card and upload it from your mobile device.
All the pharmaceutical products can be delivered to any address in Windhoek. Our pharmacist may contact you for further consultation to confirm your symptoms and allergies before medication is dispatched.
As always, all products (including Pharmacy) are available on credit. Be sure to apply. 🙂 
All communication on our website is encrypted and secure. Uploaded documents are backed-up in hardcopy and deleted at regular intervals.