DOPE Guarantees

We have TWO (2) guarantees that we make to all our stakeholders.

Our first one, which unfortunately many entities these days refuse to admit and try to cover up to keep this unattainable illusion of perfect. Many entities, not only in Namibia but across the world fall victim to it and spend millions, if not billions, of dollars on it. Our first guarantee, although we will try out utmost best not to, is that WE WILL MAKE MISTAKES!!

Mistakes that will impact our stakeholders; whether it be our customers, staff, investors or shareholders. Mistakes are a guarantee. History has proven ALL GREAT COMPANIES MADE MISTAKES. TEAM DOPE is actually looking forward to making as many mistakes as quickly as possible. WHY? Mistakes allow us to improve our processes and enable us to deliver our products and services to our customers faster, better and ultimately cheaper.

Our second guarantee is that WE WILL FIX THOSE MISTAKES. Although it may not be immediate and absolute, we will continuously be improving our processes and functionality. Every interaction with a customer is valuable to us and we welcome our customers to complain, make suggestions and even challenge us.